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Kapoor Khazana: The Family Tree

Posted on the 12 June 2011 by Limette @Limette9
While thinking about the things I could write about for Kapoor Khazana (in this last week that is left to me, because I'm leaving to Greenland after it), I remembered something that I had done a really long time ago - I think last summer or so, when I wasn't stressed out or anything: The Family Tree.
Yes, I made a family tree of the (official) Kapoor family (by official I mean, the Shammi and Kareena ones, not the Sonam and all those other ones).
There might be some little flaws in it, I'm not sure, but I tried my best, and I will now present it to you.
I think it's a bit too large to fit in here, so just click on the image, then you'll be able to see it more clearly.
Kapoor Khazana: The Family Tree
Thank you for reading,Mette M. K.

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