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Kansas' Republican Ugliness is Getting a Lot of Coverage

Posted on the 29 May 2015 by Morage @kebmebms

Kansas' Republican Ugliness is Getting a Lot of Coverage

Seems there's just no good news coming out of Kansas lately--or in the last few years, at least.
And the fact is, because of it all, the state and people are getting bad press, at least on social media--none more so than on Facebook. An example:
Kansas City, Kan., school district lays off 31 staff members and cuts pay for 850 others
Kansas' infamous tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, while putting the state's tax burden on the lower-, middle- and working-classes and making it easier for the already-wealthy, just keeps having bigger and bigger and uglier ramifications, as so many of us know. Now, the latest breakthrough is that these same, again, working-, middle- and lower-class students and parents and families take a hit at and on their schools. The rich? You can bet they don't.
Then, there's this, on Kansas' wacko gun culture and how out of control and totally unnecessary it all is. It's gotten bad and it's getting worse. These "Brownback years" have been tough.
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