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Kansas Governor on a "media Tour"

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Morage @kebmebms

Kansas Governor Sam "Help the Rich" Brownback is in the news in a big way.  From the Star today:

Brownback to national viewers: 'We're seeking tax refugees


This from Bloomberg News:

Tax Refugees Come To Kansas: Brownback: Video - Bloomberg

Kansas Governor on a   It seems the Guv is out on a cross-country media tour, touting his and his political party's tax slashing for the already-wealthy and corporations. Apparently his idea is that other wealthy people and corporations should drop everything and come here, to Kansas.   So let's get this straight.  Governor Sam Brownback, an easily arguably physically unappealing man is promoting his state, known for its otherwise blandness, let's face it, with a tax policy that punishes the middle-, working- and lower-classes, all so it can benefit the wealthy and, again, corporations.   What could possibly go wrong with that?   You may want to read and/or join here: The Brownback Tax Scam | Facebook

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