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Kansas City Takes 2 Hits

Posted on the 14 April 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

Yes sir, it seems our Kansas City area takes two hits today, in the media, with an article just out.

The 30 places in the U.S. where 

you're most likely to be murdered

This really surprised me and for a couple reasons. 
Naturally, I hoped Kansas City wouldn't even be on the list, in any way. After that, if we were on it, as I thought we might be, I figured it would only be one city or area, not two.
It wasn't to be.
At number 26 of the 30 is our own Jackson County, Missouri.
I thought sure this would be the only area on the list, first, and frankly, I am pleased we're all the way down to 26, at the end of the list.
Here's the shocker:
Kansas' Wyandotte County was in the (rather high) number 12 spot.  They just missed the top 10.
That's depressing.
But for Missouri, there's really bad news. 
I figured Detroit was maybe in the number one spot, right?
Who was it? Who is it?
Our very own St. Louis.

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