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Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot

By Sue15cat
Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot
I was in Tesco last week for a top up on Sparkling Water (yes, you know I'm addicted) when I spied some bargains on the reduced to clear shelves.  
There were lots to be had actually but I was very restrained and only got a couple of things including these two bags of Curly Kale.  My plants were heavily picked from last week and while I have these in the freezer it will give them chance to recover.  Obviously they are very slow growing now the temperatures are so much lower and at just 55p a bag this little stash should keep me going for a while with my new Pesto, Kale and Pasta obsession.
Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot
I also decided to treat myself to this, it just looked so tasty.
Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot
It was really delicious, but I doubt I would ever pay the full price for it ... £6 ... gulp!!  
But at £3.54 it was worth it, and I have kept the nice sturdy foil dish it was in to make my own version which will no doubt cost me much less to produce.
Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot
I should have read the ingredients list before I bought it though, it contained a lot of milk and milk products which was obvious when I woke up the next morning and was 'dawking do my dose'.  Yes milk and milk products completely block up my sinuses, I really do need to learn my limits properly AND read labels better!!
*** *** ***
Kale, Sweet Potato and Pot
Reverse Advent - Day 2
A little Laura Ashley pot that used to contain some of my jewelery before I bought my new jewelry/sewing box for Christmas.  Although it's very pretty it's not really needed, and someone else will no doubt love it even more than me.
Sue xx

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