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Just Where Have You Been Young Lady?

By Alysonisneat
Just Where Have You Been Young Lady? 
It is safe to say, I have been doing far less mischevious things than this little girl above.  Didn't you love playing on the roof as a kid?  When I was a kid, I loved being up in the air.  I loved climbing on to the roof, and jumping down from about 12 feet.  I loved jumping on trampolines and tumbling.  I loved dangling from the uneven bars in gymnastics, just swinging back and forth, as high as I could go.  Knowing that you really only have so much control is a delicious freedom.  In yoga, I often tell myself, "You only have about 30% control over what your body will do, the other 70% is the balls to do it."  Sometimes, I fall flat on my face, and other times I fall upside down into a handstand.  Either way, I tried, and that is freedom.
I have made a million excuses to why I haven't blogged.  Yes, I have been incredibly busy.  No, I haven't really enjoyed blogging lately.  Cicadas scare the crap out of me and every time I step outside they try to land on me so I'm not going to pose for them.  My roots are showing.  Why yes, I have been waking up 30 minutes late (oops).  Do you really want to see what I wear to work everyday?  But... I can't wear shorts and thigh highs, or dresses with back cut outs or sheer shirts that show my bra.  And aren't you tired of seeing me wear stripes? (NEVER!!!!)
One thing is though, I've been fighting my niche.  I am a twenty-something professional, working an 8 to 5 job, dressing business casual, wearing black frequently, and always erring on the side of conservative.  I sit at a desk, in a cube, make jokes by the water cooler, and park in a parking garage.  I take an elevator to our offices, I bring PB&J, and I love working in excel.  I have actually contemplated doing a post on my top 5 favorite excel functions... I'm serious.  
Alyson will return tomorrow.  For today, she's going to take a nap before making her dinner.

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