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"....Just Shy of Treason...."

Posted on the 28 February 2015 by Jamesswezey
Well it is that time of year again when House of Cards premieres it's newest season, and I have been eagerly awaiting to see what they'll do with season 3. What I've seen so far hasn't really got me thrilled, so I'm, hoping the show picks up as the season continues. It's great to see Francis as President, but it's weird that he seems weakened by becoming President not more powerful and emboldened. I think it really took a lot out of the character, unless that is a tactic more akin to a cathartic moment in waiting. Any rate it still looks great, and the characters remain good, just seem a little more vulnerable and less prepared for crises than before. After this week, I only have two terms (two 7 week periods) of graduate school left! That is such a relief, and come next month I will be preparing to once again change locations to live my life, and this time the place I choose will become much more permanent. In the meanwhile I have to survive, which as of late has been proving difficult. Something small that I would like to quickly address is poor customer care; recently I was in the process of rebuilding my computer and was fortunate to have a friend assist me in this endeavor, as I am not quite that adept at the technical aspects of computers. The go to place was Newegg.com as a source for acquiring the necessary parts, however I was quite unfortunate to have received a defected hard drive and the wrong part. Both were sent back and needless to say, I had an extraordinarily difficult time with customer service to get all of this accomplished. Never before in my life have I experienced such incredibly poor customer service and treatment during the which my integrity and honesty were questioned; I was talked down to and given incompetent assistance from their representatives, and when I was finally able to speak with a supervisor (this of course all unfolding over a period of a month almost) he made it sound like he was doing me a favor by making certain that they sent me a new part, even though it was my fault that they lost it in their shipping department. I maintained my composure and thanked the man for his assistance, although I will never be shopping there again; I checked the Better Business Bureau and found that most of the complaints (and there were a lot) against Newegg.com were for poor customer service, and poor product satisfaction I believe. I don't know who designed their customer service departmental guidelines, but they did a very poor job of it; I cannot imagine wanting to shop at a place that treats their customers so poorly. So be advised when shopping there. I would not be able to finish this week's blog without mentioning the Oscars from this past Sunday. Usually I have a little more energy about the ceremony leading up to it, but this year I cared not, and now I know why. The Academy Awards show this year was mostly boring, very awkward, and not hosted very capably. Neil Patrick Harris apparently needs to stick to the Tony's, John Travolta should never present again, and Hollywood should stay away from overt activity in politics as it always seems to end in poor taste. Some highlights: Julie Andrews as divine, Lady Gaga was astounding and the most refreshing part of the Oscars, Star Wars will always reign supreme, and thank you Anna Kendrick for doing what we've all wanted to do which was throw a shoe at Jack Black and tell him to beat it. Hopefully next year will be much better (Billy Crystal or Ellen). One more day and it will be March of 2015; it's scary that as the older you get the faster time seems to go by.
House of Cards season 2 ending (President Underwood)
Rebels season 1 finale
Cinderella clip (this looks great; hopefully so will the film)

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