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Just Read It: June Book Questions

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
So it's the middle of the month, so that means only one thing....!

Just Read It: June Book QuestionsIt's time to post the questions based on our book of the month, How My Summer Went Up In Flames!

If you're not aware of what this is, then here's some introduction posts for you. One can be found on my blog or Bailey's blog.

So here's what you do. If you've read How My Summer Went Up In Flames, then you should copy these questions and schedule your post for sometime between June 23th - June 30th. Along with these questions, you can do a review if you wish.

If you haven't read the book yet, then you have a week or so to read the novel and join us in our first month of the book club!

Here's the questions:

  1. What did you think about the relationship between Rosie and each of the boys?
  2. What were your thoughts on the author's style of writing? 
  3. If you had to be stuck in that car with Spencer, Matty, and Logan, which boy would you prefer the most to have to go on a road trip with and why? 
  4. What were your thoughts on how the book ended?
  5. What was your favorite stop the group made during their road trip?
  6. What was your impression on Rosie at first? 
  7. What do you think of Rosie?
  8. What were your thoughts on all the romantic interests Rosie had?
  9. What was your favorite part of the novel?
  10. What was your least favorite part of the novel? 
    Can't wait to see all of your answers in the last week of June! We will have a Linky for you to link up your posts so we can all talk about the book together! Also, if you have any additional questions that you want others to answer, then post them in the comments and we will add them! Thanks for joining us! 
    Just Read It: June Book Questions

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