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Just Read It! Book Club: An Introduction

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
After a little bit of talking, Bailey from The Novel Nerd and I decided to try something new. I haven't seen any of these done like this, and I'm really excited to introduce to you our new idea!
Just Read It! Book Club: An Introduction
We've created a book club. 
It's not going to be one of those book clubs where all the old ladies gather around with their good wine and their Oprah Book of the Month.
Instead, we are teenagers (or teenagers at heart) that all love young adult books and want to discuss them.
Plus, we're not an exclusive group of readers. Anyone can join, at any time! You can join in the middle of the month, or you can skip a month if you're swamped with books or don't feel like reading the book of the month.
Here's all we ask of you:
  • Be a blogger that reads/blogs about young adult fiction
  • Follow the set time frame of when your post should go up
  • Follow the discussion guidelines each month
  • Love reading!
See, it's easy! Now you may be wondering, what's the set time frame? It's quite simple.
On the first of the month, we will post the book of the month. It's your duty to get that book and read it! Near the middle of the month, we will post a format for you. It will include the questions we want you to answer, and other things to keep the discussion going. Any time during the last week of the month, you can post your review that follows the guidelines. Then we will have a post on our blogs with a Linky so you can link up your posts for all the other book club members to see. Also, every month we will have something new to bring to the book club! It may be an interview with the author we read, it may be a giveaway of the book, or an excerpt from the author's upcoming book - who knows! 
If you're interested in our book club, stay tuned for more information regarding March's book of the month and more about the Just Read It! Book Club!
Just Read It! Book Club: An Introduction

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