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By Aninafish @aninafish

Hi. You might have been wondering about the wondrous adventures of Anina Diva La Rue (who obviously has to think of a better drag name,) so I want to say Hi for a bit. 

If you've been reading the blog for the two years-ish that it's been up, I have dry spells. This might be a dry spell—this might be a transformation—and like a phoenix, I will rise up from the ashes with a feather boa and lipstick on. 

But right now, make-up just doesn't cut it. It still surprises me how much better I may look (and some guys—oh Lord, I'm the girl who likes guys in mascara and eyeliner, I do oh I do,) with some shpackle on, but for the past weeks—my face has been bare. I will say though that my skin may not be flawless, I do feel it's definitely better (hear the product placement) and Face Canvas is all that goes on it. My hair whoop whoop yay is still big and lovely (here's the next one,) chalk that one up to Clear and Present. 

So what is a girl like me to do? Well, I'm still obsessing (on a pasty white Brit who likes jumpsuits no less) but now it's about the funny. especially since a lot of my life isn't funny—it isn't like tragic sad oh woe is me (not at all) adulthood is turning out to be a lot of dull things, a hum of tedium, the repetitive and invasive need to make money—like a chronic headache. you don't really whine—why would you? you've known worse (ever had a toothache? now that's an angry mothafucka shitload of pain.)

It doesn't help that Christmas isn't exactly the joy-filled love fest. Though I will give you this (because it is a gift.)


Things may change around here, but it won't be abandoned forever I promise. I hope you're all safe and well. Kisses. 

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