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Just Having a Moment...

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Please excuse me for a second while I get all giddy and wax nostalgic.   My kitchen redo is being featured on glo.msn right now... Just having a moment... Remember my pre-demo kitchen that was "renovated with paint",  right down to the painted marble counters? Its being featured here.
Just having a moment... There are some really amazing makeovers featured in this article, and I am in serious good company  here... like one of my design idols, Amanda Nisbet, so I am a little "wtf, no freaking way!" right now... Just having a moment... After the past few weeks of chaos, sick kids and reno-drama, this look back is helping me refocus & gain new perspective.  Nothing happens overnight- the last little "paint reno" took about 2 years to get just the way I liked, so I just need to take my time with the current situation.
Not gonna lie though, this also has me going a little "wtf, I killed my cute old kitchen."   I still have that above view at the moment, but amidst ripped up floors, walls and dust: Just having a moment...   I just need to take my time and let it evolve.   One thing I have learned from this house is that when I force something to happen, or try too hard to make it work, it usually falls flat.  I am a "change fanatic" as you all know.  It is through these constant changes that I learn a ton about what I like, what I don't, and what makes me happy.   My house is my little experimental guinea pig.   This last kitchen makeover was one of my favorite rooms, and its because it took time, a whole lot of experimenting (5 colors in all I think) and negotiating (getting my husband to finally agree to painting laminate).  All these hurdles made the end result much more satisfying. 
And I know I really liked it because I find myself using elements of it in other areas of this current renovation  (painted ceilings, navy and white as the foundation colors for most rooms/ woodwork).   I still don't have a finalized plan for the kitchen area, but  I have decided to keep it a little open ended to allow for changes and "evolution"- and I am just praying for some more patience!

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