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Just Get Started!

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

“I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.” –Alberto Salazar (American Sprinter 1958)

The most difficult moment in beginning new and great adventure is before you even start out! I have found this to be the case in almost every

Just Get Started!
single adventure that I have embarked on the biggest and greatest mental battle was before I ever started.  Even when there are jobs that are up and coming, events that I need to be involved in and plan, the days leading up to the event I have this tremendous mental anguish or fear that things will not go well!

This is the very reason why we tend to not do many great things in life, inside our mind we are so capable of talking ourselves out of something before ever starting.  Now there is of course a need to evaluate thing before jumping straight in, especially if you are going to make a financial decision, or invest in a new business, that is only common sense, however many great opportunities are lost due to fear of what could happen.

Mark Twain made a statement that brings this out which I have always liked he said, I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. Fear of the things that might happen limits our ever getting started.  As I shared in a previous post, fear of failure is what holds many of us back from getting started in the first place.

I have found out through my personal experience that, yes sometimes things will not turn out just the we that we had planned them, as time goes on they can tend take on a life or shape of their own.  Many times the end results are even better than what we initially had planned or had set out to do.  However, had I not ever gotten started on the project, I would have never  seen the wonderful results that came from it in the end!  So sometimes, you just have to step out by faith and get the ball rolling!  If the ball then takes an unexpected bounce, well check out where it is headed and keep on heading forward, you may just end up accomplishing something even more extraordinary!But if you never even get started, you won’t accomplish anything!

Don’t let your mind talk you out of something for fear that it might not work out!  Over half the battle is won if you can just get started! Do you have a hard trying new things or get the “before the battle blues” before embarking on something new?  Sometimes, things might not work out, but you will have never known had you not at least tried!

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