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Just Finished the Last Season of The Wire

By Chelseajmartin

Total bullshit. I admit, the show was pretty amazing. It portrayed police as actual people that struggle to serve their community while wrestling with their own demons. The Wire addressed urban social issues in a realistic, not overly simplistic manner.  But never have I watched a whole television series that was ultimately such a let down. I suppose this show is more founded in actual reality vs a television reality.

The winners in the Wire could be considered life’s losers. Bubbles is finally clean and has come to terms with the death of the young man he was looking after. Michael takes care of his brother Bug to protect him from the game. Ellis has come full circle as an officer and has become “good police”.

As for most of the other characters that came and went through the 5 seasons of the wire- they were the losers. Killed for no good reason on the corner, forced to retire for someone else’s political gain, left in a position of authority to perpetuate corruption.

All this makes for some good T.V. but it’s frustrating to watch.

I say so to long The Wire. I’ll be able to sleep nights without having the death of Stringer Bell, the corner boy Wallace, or my favorite character Omar, playing on repeat in my dreams.

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