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Just Don’t Be Timid

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
Just don’t be timid

Don’t be the deer in headlights!

Is there anything more painful to watch than a talented player who is timid on the field or in the batter’s box?  It’s frustrating because usually the timidness does not let the player come anywhere near their potential.

The next three and a half months is what you have to get ready for the next baseball season.  How you spend it is up to you.  But here is my message to all players …

Whether you spend that time in the weight room, play other sports, take private lessons, work on your speed and agility, or any other activity, be sure to work on that toughness and killer instinct by attacking whatever activity you do.  The offseason is not just for the physical side of the game.  You have to fill up your “mental tank” as well by getting after all your workouts and activities.  Chip away at any of that timidness that will limit your progress as a high level athlete.  Do so and your physical gains and skill work will improve along with it.  Don’t address it and it won’t matter how much you lift or how many balls you hit off a tee.

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