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Just Because I'm Fat

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that despite being plus size, I really hate the word 'fat'. I never use it unless it's followed by an awkward laugh, but today, I'm blasting all of those 'fat' stereotypes I keep seeing in this post: Just Because I'm Fat.
Just Because I'm Fat
Just Because I'm Fat, Doesn't Mean:
  • I'm lazy. I'm not, I work more hours than most people, I exercise and am rarely 'dozing' on the chair.
  • I'm unfashionable or unattractive. My photo above is of me rocking an Asos Curve leather jacket. I'm a fashion blogger and products I feature regularly sell out. Not so unfashionable or ugly afterall, huh?
  • I'm always eating junk food. I don't. I'm a pescetarian who eats 'junk food' once a week which is less than many thin people.
  • I'm Jolly. In general, 'fat' people are stereotyped as being jolly, when in fact, we're just as likely to be as happy or sad as thinner people are.
  • I want to loose weight. Sometimes I have bad days where I hate my body, but other days, I take pictures of myself wearing something I'd never normally wear and I love my curves. I'm a woman, we all have good and bad 'body confidence' days.
  • I have poor hygeine. This for me is probably the most bizarre stereotypes out there of fat fat people. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I don't shower or brush my teeth. In fact, anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessively clean and can't stand feeling dirty.
  • I'm unhealthy. I eat healthily, I exercise, I work, I do all of the same things thinner people do.
  • I don't attract men. I have three gorgeous slim sisters and it's fair to say I attract equally as many men as they do. 
  • I deserve to be made fun of. I get 'fat' comments quite often in my job as an 'influencer' but in 'real life' I get them once in a while too. Mainly from other women which is even worse than it being from a man. Us girls should all be sticking together instead of tearing each other down.
  • I can't dance. Someone said to me once, 'What do you do when your sisters are hitting the dancefloor?' Eh, I join them?
  • I deserve to hear 'joke remarks' about how 'those thin ones don't eat like you do' or 'you've got broad shoulders' or 'I like a woman with curves' or 'you look like you can handle yourself.' I'm not a man, I'm not made of stone and your comments hurt my feelings. 
There's been so many stereotypes made of me just because I'm fat, and I'm so tired of them. I'm a good person, you're a good person and we all have bodies. They're just the shell for our souls and it's so small minded that some people can't look past that shell and see our souls are all that matter.
Whether you're a size 28 or a size 8, you're human, you love, laugh, cry and feel the same way as everyone else on planet Earth does. We're all in this thing called life together, let's stop stereotyping people and focus on helping one another. Life's tough, it can be so much easier if we don't have to defend ourselves against stupid remarks which hurt us.
We've all been there and made a snap judgment or a stereotype on someone (how many of us have said 'Potato!' when they hear an irish person? I have!) . Sometimes stereotypes are fun and inoffensive, but sometimes they hurt people's feelings and we should know better.
Just because I'm fat, doesn't mean I'm innocent either...
H x

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