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Jurlique Jasmine Collection Review

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Hey everyone
I was recently sent the new jasmine collection from jurlique.
As you all will know by now, i LOVE jasmine fragrances, so this was literally right up my street!
In the set, included is a hand cream, a shower gel and a body lotion.
Jurlique Jasmine Collection Review 
So, i'll start with the shower gel. First off these are MASSIVE tubs, you get sooo much in them and they will last forever. The shower gel is not sticky at all, and it smells like you've walked into a florists. It genuinely feels like summer in a bottle! although the fragrance is quite strong, its not heavy in the slightest. My skin felt silky smoothe once id used this.
As for the body lotion. Normally, im not a big body lotion fan, i find them sticky and way too thick for their own good, but this one...Ohh my! haha! thats the only way i can describe it. It is extremely thin, and yet packs a big punch! again the bottle is huuuuge and i would pay over and above the price to have this.
As for the handcream. normally when i wash my hands, i then go and use anti bacteria gel (yes, clean freak!) and then i put hand cream on. usually the hand cream i use is one my l'occitane, which is mango i think and its lovely but i've actually dismissed my poor l'occitane hand cream for this jurlique jasmine hand cream.  Again, this is a really big tube and will last aaaages. My hands, aside from smelling gorgeous, are also really silky smoothe and the best thing is, i've even noticed my nails are harder when i use this! Result!
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