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Jurgen's First Win, in Rhyme.

By Thetoaststaff

Saturday marked Jurgen's first win for the States,Dempsey's 36th minute goal proves we won't have to waitfor a 5th or 6th match to get him off the slide,It's about damn time, I must confide.
It was a decent victory, there were several good showings: The Rooster for one, Brek Shea's spark's been a'glowing. Big Time Timmy Jim too, forever the stalwart in net,and the back four might just be shaping up, yet.
Timmy Chandler overlapped well with Brek on the wing. They show early signs of a left-side production machine. On the right? I admit I'm unfamiliar with the name, Danny Williams; his first American start a bit tame.
There were negatives, sure. Absentees too. I'd prefer to see in the lineup my favorite Holden, Stu.His knee's all healed up, thought he'd show up as a sub,but for this match he remained a Jurgen-roster snub.
Let's not forget our second goal, customarily recalled.It's hard to compete with FIFA's continuous stonewall.An American vendetta, conspiracy? I wouldn't be surprised.Sep's cries of a corrupt-free organization belies.
But back to the goal that counted: a nifty, side-footed strikefrom a man whose talent rests primarily on his right.Or his head, to be fair he's tucked away several with his noggin,but this time Smoke chose his left foot for the floggin'.
A win is a win is a win, it's true,but Ecuador lurks next for old Jurgen's crew.Tuesday night I expect to proclaim him my thanks,my faith never weary for my beloved Yanks.

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