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Junrey Balawing World's New Smallest Man

By Gerard @presurfer
Junrey Balawing World's New Smallest Man
Junrey Balawing sips a beer as he celebrates becoming the world's smallest man. The 22-inch Filipino turns 18 on Sunday when Guinness World Records will award him the crown - which he takes from Nepal's 26.4-inch Khagendra Thapa Magar.
His proud mother Concepcion and father Reynaldo, from a tiny village near the town of Zamboanga del Norte, have been invited to a reception with the local mayor. Mrs Balawing said: It's very exciting because we are a poor family and things like this have never happened before. I can't believe Junrey is going to be famous all over the world and people are flying from countries like Britain and
America to see him.
The Presurfer

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