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June Weddings - Our 10 Year Anniversary!

By Nclark
I cannot  believe this year marks our 10 year wedding anniversary!  The past ten years have brought us many, many memories, some pain and heartache, the purchase of 2 houses and the birth of 2 absolutely wonderful  and precious little girls.  Everything that we have been through has caused us to grow into who we are today and I would not change anything!
While cruising the internet for June wedding information, I came across some fun trivia on about the 7 measures of matrimony.  Thought it would be fun to compare my wedding facts with the some of the statistics!
Bride and Groom
Average age of bride in the United States: 26.5
  • I had just turned 23 when we got married!
Average age of groom in the United States:28.5
  • My hubby had just turned 27.
Average engagement length: 14 months
  • Our engagement was a total of 16 months.  My hubby-to-be proposed on Valentine's Day 2001 and we were married June 29, 2002.
Today most couples live together before getting married.
  • I am proud to say that we were not part of this statistic!  I lived at home with my parents until the day I was married.
16% of brides plan their wedding before getting engaged.
  • I know I fell into this 16%, lol! 

Churches and synagogues remain the most popular sites for weddings.
  • Our wedding ceremony was held in the church we both attended at the time.  My husband and I both grew up in traditional families and there was no question our ceremony would be in a church!
Beaches, country clubs, hotels, resorts, mansions, public gardens, and private homes are other popular locations
  • Our reception was held at a local beautiful hotel.  We had a lot of out of town guests and this turned out to be quite convenient.

40% of couples travel within the United States
  • Not us!
60% of couples travel to a foreign country
  • That would be us!  We honeymooned at the Riu Palace in the Riveria Maya.  Absolutely breath-taking and I would love to go back one day.
Honeymoons usually last 7 to 9 days.
  • Our honeymoon was only 5 days.  Jeff and I proudly paid for this trip ourselves and were on a tight budget.
 To look at the full article on the 7 Measures of Matrimony - please visit
June Weddings - Our 10 Year Anniversary!
My mom and I getting ready for the big day!
June Weddings - Our 10 Year Anniversary!My dad and me!
June Weddings - Our 10 Year Anniversary!
Our church ceremony with our lovely family and friends. 
June Weddings - Our 10 Year Anniversary!
At the reception, ready to celebrate the night away!! 
Happy 10th Anniversary Jeff!  ♥♥

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