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Jumping to India

By Luphil

It was a big jump to India, last Thursday, like zooming through space and time. I woke up early morning, after a bit turbulent night – some computer problems had to be fixed, and my son did a long night work… Last packing, then to the railway, heading to the airport. When I was sitting in the automatic train to the departure docks it was like going to some spaceport, to the “space capsule” called airplane.



Up in the air and flying through a mixture of virtual and “real” reality” made me lose the mind-set and well-known structures of everyday reality: My body was sitting in teh plane, but my mind was in a motion picture, not to speak of the subtle bodies trying to find their way to the East.

I was looking a movie, “Men in Black”, full of encounters with aliens and of time travels. AAnd when I landed in the “limbo-state” of Dubai there were “women in black” and encounters with “alien cultures” in a cross-over of tired-out passengers, packed shopping malls and advertisements everywhere – “connecting with the “cloud”, as one said.



“Men in White” and artificial palms…


… and a real palm tree seen from my hotel window in the “Crystal Castle” hotel, which wasn’t a crystal castle – oh, reality!

Next morning in Bangalore there was a warm welcome by an Indian brother from the Bangalore group of the WTT picking me up. I enjoyed the smells an colours of India. But in my sleep-deprived state I was even more feeling in some movie-like state when we drove a 1.5 hs zig-zag path to the other side of Bangalore, directly to the site of the group living, Satguru Tapovan. I dropped into a full hall during noon meditation, sat down right in the front, closed my eyes and dropped away – A powerful energy swept in, the whirling thoughts and images in my head met with a great silence behind the mass of impressions.

And when I later went to a toilet, I realised that I was in India: no water was in the toilet tank, no water came out of the water tap at the wash basin, just from another one at a bucket. But in front of the house there was a beautiful mandala drawn with fresh chalk. In Switzerland the water installations would be functioning, but no one would be able to draw such a beautiful mandala.

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