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July Q&A; No.31

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers
And today is the last day of July and the last day of my July Q&A; which I will miss... Sort of ... Yeah maybe not!
But anyway I have enjoyed answering all of you questions and I can't believe it is August already?! How time flies.
So...our last question comes from Rosa and she wonders;
Q. Do you ever regret things that you have done?
A. My motto is you should never regret. Never EVER. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We learn from our mistakes and it is those mistakes that make us who we are. If we were all perfect and never did anything wrong.. Boy this would be a rubbish and boring world. It's those risks that we take that make life more exciting. Never regret no matter what it is you should never live with regrets.

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