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Julia Quinn Countdown!

Posted on the 24 May 2011 by Readingromances

Julia Quinn Countdown – The Bridgertons Special!

Julia Quinn Countdown!

Julia Quinn Countdown!

Celebrating the release of the Bridgerton’s Spin- off: The Smythe-Smith Quartet series! The first book, Just like Heaven, will be released next week (MAY 31)!

Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith Quartet #1)

Some Facts you might not know about the Brigerton series:

Julia Quinn Countdown!

What few people know is that there’s two related novelas: Lady Whistledown strikes back and The further Observations of Lady Whistledown. There’s also the 2nd epilogues with what happened to our heroes and heroines after the end of the books! Julia Quinn will be releasing a book with all the 2nd epilogues (this year or the next), but you can buy a few of them as ebooks!

Julia Quinn Countdown!

If you get lost, you can always read the Bridgerton family tree here!

To celebrate, I’ll be writing quick reviews about all the 8 books till Just Like Heaven is released!

I hope I can survive the marathon…

Oh, did I mention I’ll be opening a chat to discuss Just Like Heaven? I hope you can make it to June 4th at noon GMT (it’s a saturday by the way)! Leave a comment saying you want to join the chat to sign up. Simple as that!

You can also vote, the polls will be open till May 31st! The results will be announced then!

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