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Juice Recipe Review: Arthritis Soother

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
I've been dying to try this one but I just couldn't bring myself to drink something with asparagus juice in it. I finally got brave and made Arthritis Soother Juice. You can see the recipe here.

Arthritis Soother Ingredients

  • Apple
  • Asparagus (Actually, I like the taste of the juice!)
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Olive Oil
  • Parsley
Don't run the olive oil through your juicer! Put the olive oil in a glass, run everything else through the juicer and pour it into the glass. Stir and Enjoy!

My Review of Arthritis Soother

Juice Recipe Review: Arthritis Soother

4.5 stars!

Freaking weird! I like the flavor and it does taste good. But the taste is bizarre. It has a taste that I know but can't describe and leaves an aftertaste that occasionally tastes like butterscotch... but not always. It's sweet but sometimes has a bitter bite to it... but not always. I have a second batch to drink today along with Sweet Potato Pie Juice which is a wonderful complimenting juice. I'll post that recipe tomorrow.From The Baker's Acres! Read more at http://www.dotchilatham.com

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