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Judge a Cover Friday! Wonder Boys – Michael Chabon

By Hannahreadsstuff

Wonder BoysThis week, thanks to my friend Emma and her unashamed shoving of me in the direction of this year’s Grazia First Chapter Competition , I have mostly been bothering  my keyboard with less bloggy and more creative endeavours.

I have dipped in and out of creative writing for years now, but have never finished anything I was happy enough with to send out anywhere. This competition, and having copious hours on my hands, has finally given me the kick up the bum I needed to complete something and put it under the nose of strangers.

I had forgotten how utterly torturous creative writing can be. Literally, all it takes is the 3 minutes for the kettle to boil for the opus I left blinking on the computer screen to dissolve into complete, shambling rubbish. Sometimes I would come back and reread my clunky and offensive attempts and convince myself someone must have climbed in through the window and mashed the keyboard with a couple of rocks.

But, it’s done now. Sent off and in the hands of friends to cast eyes over and make sure my attempt won’t get me arrested for some reason when it’s opened at Grazia towers.

On a positive note, the whole process reminded of Wonder Boys, Michael Chabon’s brilliant 1995 novel about a novelist and creative writing tutor in Pittsburgh, and his chaotic relationships with his lover, editor and students.

Pulling it down of the shelf, I was also reminded how much I love the artwork of my edition. So, all in the all, the perfect subject for this week’s Judge a Cover.

I couldn’t find out much about this cover as it seems to have fallen off the internet for some reason (Vivid are listed as the designer in the book, but that’s it), which is a shame as I think it’s the best cover this book has had.

Also, as it happens so rarely, I should point out that the film version isn’t half bad either.

Think this will definitely be going on my To ReRead list, at least I can be sure that this will be a reread that won’t involve the gag reflex.

Book info:

  • ISBN: 97811857024050
  • My edition published in 2000 by 4th Estate
  • Bought AAAAAAAGES ago

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