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Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face Wash for Normal Skin Review

By Natasha Bhatt
Hi everyone,I shall be reviewing a face wash after a long time today. For those who know me by now may also know that I do not play around with too many skin care products just for the sake of testing atleast until now. Mostly whatever works for me I like to stick to it and here and there I do try new products of course which are in the affordable range as I do not prefer wasting my money on expensive products. That's me :P but I hope that changes in future when I get mesmerized and tempted to buy all the expensive stuff wink* wink* Coming to today's review I shall be reviewing a face wash called Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face Wash for normal skin.Read on to find out more....Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review

What the company has to say and Ingredients list:Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review
Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review
Price: Rs.48/- for 50 ml with 30% extra ;) I got it for Rs.35/- after discount from Beauty Centre, Mumbai (less than a £1 or a $1)

Shelf life: 2 years

The face wash comes in a bright red and green packaging with a flip cap my favorite. It opens and shuts well and does not leak at all. It is travel friendly too. All the necessary information is printed at the back so is the ingredients list. I would say very decent and trendy packaging for the price.
Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review

As we all know a face wash is a must for everyone. We all have different skin types and it is always necessary to chose a right face wash which suits your skin type. In India we all have been going through extreme levels of heat and humidity so much so that everyone skin is oily and getting tanned. My skin turns into a frying pan in summers and I generally in this season would prefer a nice smelling fruity face wash. While shopping sometime back I did spot this brand which I had heard of. It is being endorsed by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. So I thought why not give it a try and Apples face wash is my favorite so I jumped at the opportunity.
Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review

I have been using this face wash for the past few days and I seem to like it. It is of a gel consistency slightly pinkish in color which is not runny at all something which I like. It does contain small red beads which I did find first time but later on yet to see it...Lol  You need a small amount to work up a lather. It does a good job of cleansing the face without making it extremely dry and stretchy. Well since it is very hot it may work in this season but in winters and colder seasons following up with a moisturizer would be a must and this variant may not be appropriate in that season. It smells heavenly like apples and gives a refreshing feeling when used however with the heat your face will turn oily after sometime so washing your face a minimum two times a day is highly recommended in summers. The face wash did not break me out.It is not efficient in removing make up. I get all my make up off and then use it to just wash my face and it does a good job in that department.Overall decent product for the price.

The Good:Easily available even online.Inexpensive.Gel like consistency.Lathers well.Contains goodness of apples.Apt for oily to normal skin.Smells nice.Does a decent job of cleansing.Travel friendly and cute packaging.The not so Good:Not suitable for dry skin.Will not remove make up.Rating: 4/5I think for the price it does a good job for oily to normal skin. If you are looking for a normal face wash which will do a good job of cleansing in summers you should go for it. Hence I recommend normal skin beauties to try this. So which is your current favorite face wash?? Do let me know in the comments section.

I hope my review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment below I do read all of them and if you are visiting here for the first time please leave your blog links for me to visit back.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for Normal Skin Review

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