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Journey of Parenting: Stokke Mycarrier Cool

By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
It was almost 10 years ago when , pregnant with my first baby, I came across the terms "attachment parenting" and "babywearing" while diligently researching the best parenting techniques and preparing for our, already very loved, little bundle.
Parenting is beautiful, but it is not easy in more ways then just one. If you are a parent, you know that very questions "am I doing things right? is my baby the happiest he/she can be?" that often keeps you up at night. The happiness of your child defines your personal state of being in ways more then just one. As a new mom, you feel a need, imbedded by nature, to be close to your baby just as much as the baby has a need to be close to you. Where he/she is , how he/she is doing, a "must see", "must check on the baby" is not something new to the motherhood (that is why i absolutely love the connection strollers, as even when i physically not able to carry the baby, he or she is always close by me). Having a baby with you when you go somewhere seems is an un-objectionable "of course, naturally", when that is what is going to make the baby happiest. We, as parents, always seek the best of the best for our children, but there are times when life seems too overwhelming for an adult, and especially, a new mother.
JOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOL In my 10 years of thoughtful and filled with on-going research parenting, I have come across many baby products. We have tried many, loved some more then the others. In my all honesty I can 100% sincerely say that I am yet to come across the baby gear better then what Stokke provides. Our story is long ( and you can see many posts on my thoughts and reviews of Stokke products by simply searching "stokke" in Living Notes search bar), but the longer time passes, the more assurance I see through daily life and usage that my original thought was correct - we found what is BEST. That thought and a statement is constantly supported by continuously growing product selection from Stokke that is designed with "best for the baby" motto and with parent's feedback in mind.
Whether new or old to babywearing, you know about different types of carriers on the market, and you also know the concern many health professionals may have in regards to structured carriers and particularly young babies in them. When Stokke created MyCarrier, they revolutionized the whole concept of what a structured carrier can be - not only MyCarrier offered an incredibly safe, secure and supported placement of a child, and especially and particularly a newborn baby, but they also made certain of the proper physical development of a newborn baby by creating a "happy hips" pouch, to ensure that the ball of the hip is correctly positioned in the hip socket which is very important for the development of the hip joint in infancy, placing Stokke MyCarrier in a completely different category and making it be one and only. And the BEST
A quote from Paediatric Physiotherapist Vibeke Smith Aulie in regards to Stokke MyCarrier:
"Stokke® MyCarrier was developed to ensure that your baby is carried in the best possible way. It provides good support for the back and neck. In addition, the design ensures optimal positioning for the hips with support under the thighs so that the hips assume a «human position». The thighs are raised and bent at an angle of 80-100° (flexion) and turn outwards at an angle of 40-60° (abduction) . Being carried in a flexed position, with the legs turn outwards at the hips (flexion/abduction) to ensure that the ball of the hip is correctly positioned in the hip socket, is really good for the development of the hip joint in infancy.iv 

From birth, the baby is carried facing its parents so that there is good interaction between the parents and the baby. In this position, there is optimal support for the infant’s back and hips. The head is also well supported in this position.

Babies really enjoy the close contact they have with their parents when they are in the Stokke® MyCarrier®. They are tucked safely into the harness, can feel your heart beating and they are being moved, which makes it easier for them to settle. Stimulation of equilibrium (vestibular stimulation), is an effective way of calming your baby . When parents who carry their baby are moving about, they are stimulating postural control in their baby’s body, ie. the baby’s posture/position in relation to the surroundings, stability and orientation.
Carrying babies is becoming increasingly popular in the western urbanized world, but this can become static for the baby over time as opposed to other cultures where mothers carry the baby all day while doing physical work. For optimal motor development, babies require a variation in position. It is important, therefore, to let the baby change position from being carried to lying on a mat, in the pram or the cot. When awake, babies should spend a lot of time lying on their stomachs to stimulate and strengthen their arm, back and neck muscles." (read full article here)
The Stokke MyCarrier Cool has the same unique design as the Stokke MyCarrier, but is made with breathable mesh textiles. This reduces heat and moisture to keep both you and baby cool and dry for outdoor, active or warm weather use. With temperatures hitting regularly into high 90's and often above 100F , light mesh fabric kept both - me and the baby - cool and comfortable day in and day out. 
The Stokke MyCarrier Cool has two-way front and one back carrying position. Most importantly, all positions maintain optimal ergonomic positioning for both you and baby. 

Let's talk a little more about MyCarrier Cool. 

The Stokke MyCarrier Cool uses the same breathable mesh technology used for many types of sportswear. Breathable textiles allow better airflow for cooling and transporting moisture away from the body. This helps both you and your baby to stay dry. Additionally, mesh is water and wind resistant, perfectly suited for warmer climates and/or active or extended use.
The Stokke MyCarrier Cool uses only those textiles that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved and certified free of harmful substances. This means that Stokke the textiles do not contain chemicals that are known to be unhealthy and are safe to touch baby's delicate skin.
This fact is another example of Stokke true care for babies and parents  ( ps Stokke MyCarrier uses organic textiles that are butter-soft. tried and loved by all our babies) .
Stokke MyCarrier Cool has a signature design which ensures your baby is seated in the "happy hips" position while in the baby carrier ( just the same as original MyCarrier). This wide leg position provides optimal ergonomic support for the buttocks and thighs which is important for the proper growth and development of baby's hips. As someone who was born with double hip dispasia, I cannot emphasize this concept enough.
* excellent unisex fit for adults
* easily adjustable for all sizes and body types ( fits my petite frame just as perfect as the strong one of my husband. grandma loves using it too)
* intuitive adjustments for multiple users
* ensures great back and neck support for all baby and parent ( i secretly named it a "back-spa" carried)
* adjustments for baby are within easy reach for any of the 3 positions: front out, front in and back
* width adjustments enable solid back support for your child
* thoughtful touches throughout
And here are a few more pictures from our Mother Nature wanderings: 
JOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOL^^ gorgeous meadow in the woods. we had to stop and play a little ^^
JOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOLJOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOL^^ snoozing away, happy and content. these moments are so worth living for...^^
JOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOL^^ making our way back to civilization ^^
JOURNEY OF PARENTING: STOKKE MYCARRIER COOL ^^ the man behind the camera ^^
Wishing a fabulous day to you and yours, as always.

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