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Josh Kopelman Find His Receipt for Paying Just $35

Posted on the 19 July 2020 by Worldwide @thedomains

Josh Kopelman is a venture capitalist at First Round Capital, he is considered one of the top venture capitalists around.

I know of Josh because he is from my area. One of the companies Josh co-founded was But before he co-founded a Wayne, Pa based company called Infonautics. I remember trading the stock back in the day.

Infonautics has a bit of a tie to the domain industry in it’s how Tucows went public through a reverse merger.

Josh tweeted out on Saturday his receipt of purchasing back in 1999. The domain had dropped and Josh lucked out getting it for $35.

After selling to eBay, Josh remained with eBay for three years. In 2004, Josh co-founded TurnTide an anti-spam technology company that was acquired by Symantec.

Just found this old receipt from 1999. Best $35 I've ever spent…

— Josh Kopelman (@joshk) July 18, 2020

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