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Josh Dallas Previews David in Danger

Posted on the 22 November 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Josh Dallas previews David in dangerLast we left Storybrooke, Henry (Jared Gilmore) was having nightmares in which he found himself in a fire-filled room. Out in the now desolate fairytale land, Aurora (Sarah Bolger) was having the same dreams. Finally, they spotted each other, and Henry told her not to be afraid. But his words were not really all that reassuring, considering he still awoke with a very real burn on his arm. Unlike regular dream worlds, the things encountered in this one could hurt you—could possibly even kill you—so Regina (Lana Parrilla) went to Gold (Robert Carlyle) for help. The result may not prove to be enough, though, as in the next all-new episode “Into the Deep,”Regina and Gold must put David’s (Josh Dallas) life in jeopardy in an attempt to protect Henry from further danger and put him in contact with Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) across the lands. “It’s a huge danger. He could go in and never come back,” Dallas stressed when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the Vancouver set of Once Upon A Time* earlier this month. “But to talk about true love! He just wanted to see her just one more time, whether that meant him staying in there forever or getting out. He knew he’d have that connection so it’s a huge sacrifice. Of course, he’s not thinking of it that way—he’s not thinking of it as a sacrifice—he’s just thinking of ‘I want to see my wife’.” Though Henry has been acting as a sort-of “runner” between Storybrooke and the fairytale land, communicating what’s been going on in each back and forth, David, Regina, and Gold work together and come to the agreement that David should go into the world instead. This requires “putting him under,” which is where the aforementioned danger comes in. “He’ll get them back somehow. That’s the idea, and he’s so confident; he’s so confident about the fact that she’s in there, and he’ll find a way. And she’s so competent and so smart, and he knows that, and so he’s willing to just get in there and see her one more time,” Dallas said. “He’s definitely not a reluctant leader; he’s not a reluctant hero. That’s just the man he is; he has it inside of him, and he’s a natural leader. I don’t think he’ll ever force it on people—he asks; he says ‘I will be your leader for as long as you want me to. Help me save my family, and I will help get your family back.’ So I think he’s never going to be overbearing about it, but it’s just where he naturally falls.” Of course, there is additional danger in the fact that Cora (Barbara Hershey) is still roaming around with his wife in fairytale land, and there is really nothing David can do about that. She really is the villain of the moment, with David finding a lot of common ground with both Regina and Gold. As Dallas put it, David and Gold’s relationship of late has turned into “mutual understanding and a mutual respect. That started to happen for David back in the finale of season one when they had the swordfight in the forest in fairytale land, and David said ‘Did you love someone once?’ And [Rumple] goes ‘Yeah, and she died.’ And in that moment, he’s sort of connected to him, and he gets it; he sees he’s human and that he does have a soul and he does have a heart—or he did anyway. And then Gold asks for dating advice, you know, so I think this kind of bromance between them is cool, and I hope we explore that a lot more.” When it comes to Cora, all Dallas would shake his head and say was that she is a “dangerous, dangerous character.” “This is a moment for David to have a little bit of redemption and to be able to fix the wrongs he did in season one,” Dallas considered. “He’s thrown obstacles, but it’s not in Charming’s—David’s—nature to be defeated, so he’s always going to push forward…No one can go up against Cora alone. That’s always what the best leaders do: they always hire the best people.” And in this case, David is relying on a little bit of help from some who have worked against him in the past, but it’s a whole new challenge now. “Charming, Gold, Snow, Emma– these are the characters that are the basis of the whole thing, so they’ve either got to stick together or they’re all f***ed,” he laughed. SOURCE

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