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Jonathan’s Card: A Social Sharing Experiment with Starbucks Coffee

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Ever hear of paying it forward?  How about looking into using Jonathan’s Card?  It is a social sharing experiment set up by Jonathan Stark to see if people, when anonymous, are inclined to give as much as they take.

Please read about this wonderful idea >>HERE<< on Jonathan’s site, especially if you plan to use his card.

For the success of the project, try to give first, if possible.

To give to the fund and bring yourself good karma for providing someone hot java:

  1. Visit (if you have a Starbucks account, make sure you’re logged out)
  2. Click on the “Reload A Card” tab
  3. Enter the card number visible in the picture (6061006913522430)
  4. Click “Reload This Card” in the left sidebar
  5. Choose a reload amount
  6. Choose a payment method

Be sure to take credit for your contribution by pinging me at @jonathanscard. Things are pretty hectic at the moment, but I’ll do my best to let the tweeps know what a mench you are :)

To receive from the fund and enjoy someone’s gift to you, and feel yourself blessed:

  1. Save this picture on your smartphone:Sbux Card
  2. Go to a Starbucks
  3. Order a coffee.
  4. Hold the picture in front of the barcode scanner.
  5. If there is enough money on my card, the POS will beep and your coffee will be paid for.
There is a possibility, though, that people will drain the funds and too few will refill the card with funds, so first ensure that Jonathan’s Card has funds before you try to use it:

Follow @jonathanscard on Twitter to get an update whenever the card balance changes. And if you’re a geek, please feel free to build something on top of the API.

Wanna be cool?

Post a public mention to @jonathanscard with any of the following:

  • A tweet of what you bought
  • A pic of your Starbucks location
  • A pic of your coffee
  • A pic of your receipt

Wanna be super cool?

When you have some extra cash, give a coffee to someone in need and enjoy massive karma points.

Again, if you want the information straight from the creator Jonathan Stark, visit Jonathan’s Card.

Remember — happiness is in giving as well as in receiving!

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