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John Lennox: God’s Undertaker – Has Science Buried God?

By Sjbedard @sjbedard

John Lennox: God’s Undertaker – Has science buried God?Originally posted on THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM:

John Lennox: God’s Undertaker – Has science buried God?

John Lennox teaches Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Oxford University. He specialises in the interface between science, philosophy and theology, and took part last year in a live debate with Richard Dawkins. This is a stunningly thorough and helpful contribution to the discussion of the relationship between science and faith, and has been well received by Christians and agnostics alike. John offers immensely helpful summaries of the most challenging issues, and pursues a clear and logical path through what has become a rather emotionally charged debate. I learnt an immense amount from this book.


Why is there something rather than nothing? Peter Atkins, prof of Chemistry at Oxford, summarises the naturalist view: Science, the system of belief founded securely on publicly shared reproducible knowledge, emerged from religion. As science discarded its chrysalis to become its present butterfly, it took over the heath. There is no reason to suppose…

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