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Secularism is Intolerant

By Sjbedard @sjbedard

Evangelicalism is known for being intolerant. But in responding to this supposed intolerance, secularism has embraced intolerance itself. You need some examples?

One example is that of universities that are coming down on Christian campus groups. The problem is, as you can read in this article, is that the universities want leadership of the groups opened up to all students, even if they have nothing in common with the purpose of the group. This is completely foolish. This is not because of my bias toward Christianity. It would not make sense to have a fundamentalist Christian in leadership of a LGBTQ group, nor would it make sense to have a Russian student in leadership of Caribbean student group. A leader should come from the same background as the purpose of the group. If you blend all the groups together, then you have missed the point of having campus groups.

Another example? Yesterday, the Law Society of British Columbia voted to reverse a decision that would allow graduates of Trinity Western University Law School to practice law in British Columbia. The reason that people oppose TWU is they have a lifestyle covenant that requires students abstain from premarital sex (whether heterosexual or homosexual). They also define marriage as one man and one woman. This is understood as being anti-gay. Law societies across Canada are trying to shut down the law school before it even starts.

They would say that they are combatting intolerance and yet they are being intolerant. Even though TWU accepts gay students, the law societies will not accept evangelical students from this school. Instead of seeking a tolerance of a sexual persuasion and a religious group, they have chosen to embrace one and persecute the other.

As saddened as I was by this decision, I was pleased by something. A British Columbia lawyer named Jessica Derynck was at the meeting and blogged about the decision. Jessica who is non-religious and a lesbian, the kind of people that the law societies claim they are protecting, voted against the measure to punish TWU graduates. She sees this issue for what it is. You can not protect one group from being persecuted by persecuting another.

The hope was that the secularization of society would lead to a more tolerant culture. The truth it has not. There simply has been switch of which group will not be tolerated.

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