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Joe Palooka Boxing Gloves Exhibit Posted

Posted on the 02 June 2019 by Hmcurator
Joe Palooka children's boxing gloves front view

A recent post to the Harvey Comics Facebook group showing Cadbury demonstrating his fighting ability inspired me to create today’s exhibit. Long before Cadbury, Harvey Comics had pugilist Joe Palooka. And what better way to merchandise a character who is a boxer than a pair of boxing gloves?

I must apologize for the condition of today’s exhibit, and for the fact that there is virtually no information about it. There are no tags on the gloves, and the seller did not know anything about them, so there is little to be discovered. I have seen another variant of these, black with silver print on them, but do not own them. I have also seen a sort of padded leather helmet, more like a headband really. If any of you, my readers, have any information to share, or items you would like to see exhibited, please leave a comment below or use the Contact the Curator form to let me know!

Joe Palooka children’s boxing gloves

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