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Joanna Watson Single Mother Of 14 Is She Selfish?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Single mother of 14 360x240 Joanna Watson Single Mother Of 14 Is She Selfish?


I have come across many mothers who have large families, I love large families and the sheer idea of having hundreds of little feet running around me fills me with a warm glow. My dad is one of 14 and my mom 1 of 6. I myself have 6 children and would have one a year if I could.

The sad reality is there are many downsides to having a large family. Now you may not agree with me or even like what I am about to say but at least I admit my faults and speak the truth when it comes to being a mother to a large brood.

Joanna Watson Single Mother Of 14 Is She Selfish?

Joanna Watson – Single Mother Of 14 from Guernsey.

Joanne is a single mother to 14 kids aged from 3-22. She admits she lives on benefits. Living in a 4 bedroomed house this mother is more than stretched to her limits.

This mother has 4 bedrooms to squeeze in 12 people?  11 of Joanne’s children live with her.

I think it shows clearly how severe the financial burdens are when you have a large family as John, the father of these children was sent to prison after calming benefits fraudulently.  Sadly his time in prison was not the worst part of his crime, for his children were now splashed all over the newspapers, these scroungers with loads of kids were also frauding our system and the poor children were bullied at school for it.

Joanne recalls walking into town and a lady saying “Oh look it’s the baby making machine”. I have also received a few comments like this, made in a joking way but still they anger you. Joanne says that’s the way she is? I find this strange. Is popping out kids the only thing she is capable of?

I do wonder if having baby after baby is an easy way out? I mean if you have that many kids nobody can expect you to have to work, as it’s almost impossible. OK I hear you shouting at me but her husband worked. But how many hours did he have to work and are you going to tell me that he earned enough for 2 adults and 14 kids to live comfortably?

What I find sad is that her children despise of what their mother does, her profession of a baby making machine is not something they are proud of. Has this mother put herself first and her kids wishes last? It seems so.

‘Our family is huge, laments one of the littlest boys. There’s a new one born nearly every year. Being in a big family is horrible. If she has any more, that’s it, this house won’t fit us.’

I would feel ashamed and guilty if any of my own children said this to me and I certainly would not be having anymore. I do feel Joanna Watson is selfish and its about time she sat down and looked into the mirror.

Why is having so many children so important to her?

What is she missing in her life that having a child every year fills for her? The point is this void will never be filled, no matter how many children she has.

Joanne has 56 loads of washing each month to do, I bet she does not stand and iron it all. One of the many things that come with having a large family is there is always a mountain of washing to do.

Joanne pays £27 towards her rent each week.

£160 a week in family allowance for the 11 children still living at home and £405 a week in supplementary benefits. This makes a grand total of £565.00 each week for 11 kids and an adult to survive from. Sounds a lot right?

Don’t talk crap; £565 is not going to go that far on 11 kids. If each child needed a new pair of shoes for example this would cost Joanne let’s say £15 each pair for the sake of arguing as I guess she does not shop at Clarks where they are £35 per pair. The total for 11 pair of shoes would be;

Cheap Shoes at £15 x 11 = £165

Clarks Shoes at £35 x 11 = £385

I am already stressing about getting the 4 kids back to school uniform and accessories, I do feel for Joanne, who has many more than me to prepare for.

I do draw the line at the insult Joanne received when she joined a dating site, looking for a new man to be told that she was not welcome as she was not the type of person men would look for. Why because she had a large family?

Joanne may have underlying issues but nowhere has this women proved she is an unfit mother, or is a bad person. I am guessing she is lonely and looking for love and feels that by having this many children she will find what she is looking for, I have felt that way too.

I was upset to read Joanne lost her 15th baby to miscarriage after a 3 week fling with an old neighbour, also I wonder if this mother has any morals when it comes to sleeping with men for more children? OK so perhaps she had a whirlwind 3 week fling and he swept her off her feet and the sex was that impulsive that contraception went out the window? Hold on a moment, rewind, she has 14 kids; this mother knows by now how babies are made.

While miscarriage is devastating Joanne needs to be thinking about her life and how she can make it a better place for the 14 kids she already has, rather than having more.

The guy sold his story to the papers claiming Joanne begged him for a baby – “How I escaped the baby machine”.

Joanne’s 16-year-old daughter Mariah recently had her first child – making Joanne four times a grandmother.

I have to say with 14 kids I have no idea how this mother can provide the dedicated attention that each individual child needs and deserve s. I am guessing that the older children help her out with the younger children.

Looking at the pictures by the newspaper and looking at Joanne, I don’t see any sparkle in her eyes. She is not oozing with confidence and if anything appears sad and lost. Perhaps it’s just a bad picture?

Is our country too over populated? Oh get real; having a large family is not a crime.

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What are your thoughts on this large family?

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