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J.M. Hart: "Ship Of Dreams" Video

Posted on the 08 August 2022 by Hctf @hctf

Folk singer and guitarist J.M Hart has made a video for Ship Of Dreams. the closing track from his Slips, Trips, & Falls album: "[He]" is never in a hurry with his music, carefully choosing his words, and wrapping his lyrics in cosy layers of various string instruments. With a phrasing that is halfway Willie Nelson and Warren Zevon, he tells tales about the songwriting process, love, loss, and people being stuck in dead-end jobs. Slips, Trips, & Falls is an album to listen to on the porch when the sun is setting, contemplating the day's events and finding that Hart has somehow come up with a song that fits your mood perfectly".

The pedal steel on this track was played by The Howard Hughes Suite.

» J.M. Hart on Bandcamp

HCTF review of Slips, Trips, & Falls.

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