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Jimmy Eat World - "Damage"

Posted on the 24 April 2013 by Oh So Fresh! Music @OhSoFreshMusic
Jimmy Eat World -
Man, does seeing the name Jimmy Eat World bring back middle school and high school memories, as I used to listen to these guys a lot. Today they released a brand new single called "Damage," which will be on their forthcoming new record of the same name and is out June 11th. After listening to this once, you can tell these guys have evolved and are much older as this song is a lot softer compared to some of their previous stuff. It is of course catchy because Jimmy Eat World always has found away to make addicting music, but I hope there is more to the record. Don't get me wrong this song isn't bad, but feels a bit generic and like we've heard this before. Maybe it is a grower, but time will tell. Stream below.

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