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Jetksi Kain: EP

Posted on the 04 September 2012 by Hctf @hctf

Jetksi Kain

Jakob Bøcher Müller and Frederik Gøtzsche of Copenhagen's Jetksi Kain are in love with English pop and the harmonies of the Beach Boys. Their single I'm In Control offered a glimpseinot their sound - a pretty straightforward tune that only hinted at depths of their affection. Six tracks have found their to the debut EP. Highlights are the acoustic Now You Tell Me and the multi-layered vocals of Still.

Recorded in Sheffield with the finishing touches laid down in Copenhagen, the Danes come pretty close to emulate the UK pop sound, especially during the psychedelic Keeping Me A Minute. Think the Arctic Monkeys in a Kinks mood.

Jetksi Kain: EP

The EP is released on Tigerspring Records. Full stream on Spotify.

  1. I'm In Controlr
  2. Help Us Find The Wayr
  3. Never Leave Home
  4. Now You Tell Me
  5. Keeping Me A Minute
  6. Still

» facebook.com/JetsiKain

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