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Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Hi Readers! I have something that I am super excited to share with you. As you know, Jennifer Fabulous, from I Know, Right? has been a frequent guest blogger here on Amber's Mouthwash. Well, I've decided to give her a permanent spot here on the blog. Every month she will post here on Amber's Mouthwash, and her feature is called Jenny's Mouthwash! I'm so excited! I'm so happy to have her as a friend, and all her posts (both here on the blog and on her blog) are so incredible. Enjoy! 
Hello friends, it's Jennifer Fabulous! I am so excited to have a regular feature on Amber's Mouthwash!
I've always felt like Amber's blog was the prettier and more charming sister to my own, so I'm really flattered she asked me to be part of her world!
For those of you who do not know me, I am a fashion-obsessed journalist who blogs about pop culture, my crazy life, films, and interesting celebrities.
My feature here will basically be a little taste of my blog every month. It's going to be completely random and utterly fabulous, I promise.
Anyway, enough about me! Let's get on to my first post.
Recently, Amber and I fell in love with a song, Video Games, by a recently discovered musician, Lana Del Rey.
I was really excited to learn more about Lana. Keyword: was.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
You see, there used to be a time when movie studios would manufacture stars. Actors were given different names, allowed to spin their own backgrounds, and basically reinvent themselves as completely different people.
Unfortunately for Lana Del Rey, those days of 1950s Hollywood are over.
Mostly because technology, such as the internet, allows anyone to research your past. And Hollywood quickly realized the public isn't stupid.
I was so optimistic about Lana. I truly believed there was a new star on the horizon, destined to bring us into a delicious soul-infused music revolution.
After all, her latest single, Video Games, is hauntingly beautiful and heartbreakingly eery.

When I saw the video, I was a little confused by the cheesy montage of hipster youtube clips and I was creeped out by Lana's botched lip job, but I merely figured she was a little rough around the edges and let's face it, not everyone is perfect.
Plus, I discovered that Lana made the video herself, by looking up random youtube clips. It's not every day that a recording artist makes their own video, so I cut her some slack.
It wasn't until I researched for this post, that I realized the joke is on us.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey isn't the hottest new discovery in the music industry. She was carefully crafted by a ruthless band of managers and music producers, who are hungry to Americanize and cash in on the British white female soul singer phenomenon.
First of all, her name isn't really Lana Del Rey. The 26-year-old has admitted the stage name was chosen for her by managers who thought her music would sell better if it was reminiscent of Hollywood glamour.
In some interviews, Lana claims she grew up in a trailer park in New Jersey, in other interviews she admits she went to boarding school.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
In reality, Lana Del Rey is Lizzie Grant, the daughter of a wealthy internet mogul. You can read a cover story about him here, from four years ago.
Clearly, this is not a girl who grew up in a trailer park.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
And then there is the plastic surgery. Those awful floppy Donald Duck lips that sway with the wind.
The reason her fake lips bother me is for two reasons. One, Lana was a pretty girl without them. And two, she claims she has NEVER HAD HER LIPS DONE.
Let's take a look, shall we?
Here is a photo of Lana and her father from a few years ago:
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
Here is a photo of Lana now:
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
The fact that in interviews she denies having her lips done is insulting to not only her fans, but to anyone with eyes.
I would have more respect for her if she had told interviewers that her lips got stung by a wasp every single day. Because even though she would be lying, at least we could all share a good laugh. But no, she chooses to take us all for fools instead.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
When she's not busy getting her lips injected, Lana enjoys giving herself pretentious titles she hasn't earned yet. She calls herself the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and describes her own look as "Lolita in the 'hood." If you watched her music video earlier in this post, you are probably wondering why the hell she calls herself these things. I'm still baffled.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
Her blatant lies and drastically altered image have already caused huge controversy amongst music bloggers. She has been labeled the "Frankenstein of Indie."
Some people may argue that her makeover is no different than the pop princesses you see every day, such as Lady Gaga or Britney Spears.
But there is a difference. Pop music is based on image. It is based on the unreality.
But Lana's soulful ghost-like crooning belongs to an entirely different category: real music.
Jenny's Mouthwash: Lana Del Rey
How are we supposed to believe the pain in her voice and respect her as an artist, when she's more processed than a freshly-wrapped Twinkie?
I want to believe her. I want to respect her.
When I close my eyes and allow my ears to drink up her smoky melody, laced with beauty and dripping with sadness, a part of me does.
But then I open my eyes and I don't.

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By mariejokie
posted on 05 March at 16:06
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is this shit serious? A. she's not fucking british B. you obviously have been ignorant to every single interview or article in which she gives plenty of details about her past and rise to somewhat stardom because she's NOT manufactured like Britney fucking Spears. You're ignorance is simply off-putting and falsifies any and all of your opinions. This blog is SAD

By kdsfjdsflsj
posted on 26 February at 01:49
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one more thing...buying knock off jeans, although similar, is a bit different than pulling a stunt that changes your entire life and millions of others- unrelative to whether it's positive or negative.

By gjfjfkfkfu
posted on 26 February at 01:42
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I bought the album because I love the music and emotion lana produces, it's magical and I can't disembark from that truth. I'll continue to listen to her album for that reason- and that one alone.

After listening to a few songs on the album, I found myself searching the web for information on this beauty. sadly, I came to the realization that you have stated here, but I could not have put it in better words.

Her music is great, it's great to listen to and it has meaning- it draws pleasure from emotion, and people like that- but for the reasons you have stated here, amongst others, she will never be GREAT

-in my eyes, at least.

By adb701
posted on 09 February at 21:17
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WTF? Since when should we care where she comes from or if she is a poser? I don't care about any of that. If you truly view music as art, you wouldn't care either. It's like saying I don't want to guy those jeans because they are knock offs and not the real thing. Who cares? If it feels good, do it. I will still buy her albums regardless because it is good music. You care too much about labels and image. You are just as bad as the people that create these personas.

By ohjacky1995
posted on 06 January at 07:03
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Even if her lips were injected who gives a fuck. Her voice is amazing, we all like listening to her beautiful voice. Were not paying attention to what she wants to do to her face. Lana Del Rey is gorgeous.

By dahdaho
posted on 23 December at 03:40
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rob grant real estate, lake placid,he sells houses...hahahahaha....and, yes,her lips are fake.

By dahdaho
posted on 23 December at 03:38
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Lizzie Grants fahter isn't a wealthy internet mogul...hahahahaha..he sells real estate in lake placid, n.y...

By anniannianni
posted on 22 December at 20:03
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really? get a clue. nobody, not even public hollywood stars owe you what you think they owe you. lana is great, manufactured or not the voice and swagger tell no lies.

By Annah
posted on 15 December at 12:53
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That is the most judgemental shite I have ever read. She is a beautiful talented woman who doesn't take herself too seriously. So what if it's fake, it's clearly tongue in cheek. So what if she has had lip injections? It's _her _lips, and I think she looks quite rock 'n roll. You're just being sexist. Beautiful and driven women are always being critisised for something. Women should stick together, you know.