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Jennie & Andy: Finding The Perfect Photographer

By Theutterblog @utterlywow


Today I want to introduce you to our very lovely wedding photographer – Rebecca!

Finding a photographer has been one of the trickier aspects of wedding planning so far. You see, the trouble is, Andy is not a man who likes having his photo taken, and he is not a man who does well with being told what to do. Even after over 6 years of me regularly forcing him to pose, I still sometimes have to resort to some serious rib tickling to get a smile out of him when the camera comes out. Having someone point a camera at him and try to tell him how to look or how to act brings out the old grumpy bugger in him!

I, however, am determined to get some nice pictures of us together on our wedding day! Nearly all photos of us are taken selfie-style, camera held out at arms length. Often they’re on the back of a motorbike, or we’re looking rather sweaty/dirty/sleep deprived. Not that I don’t love these pictures and the memories they represent, but just for once it would be nice to have a few proper pictures of us looking half way decent! Finding someone who we, but most importantly, Andy, got on with was the hardest part of finding a photographer.




Images by Rebecca Wedding Photography

We were looking for someone who would take natural, happy, beautiful, wedding pictures. Someone not too formal, who would capture the atmosphere of the day. We’re not too interested in lots of heavily orchestrated group shots, so we wanted someone who would work a little more naturally. We started meeting with photographers on Skype and in person. I happily flicked my way through album after album of beautiful pictures, while Andy grilled them on the details. How long would they take to process the pictures? How do they make guests feel comfortable having their photo taken? Do they have a back up plan if they fell ill at the last minute? I wouldn’t have liked to be on the other side of his questioning!

We clicked with Rebecca as soon as we met her. She’s so friendly and easy to talk to. She had a huge array of beautiful albums and prints to show us, and you could tell as she talked through her work with us just how much enthusiasm she has for weddings and wedding photography. On top of this, she was the most organised of all the photographers we met, having her terms and conditions to talk through with us, ticking off all of Andy’s boxes. She even offers a mini pre wedding shoot as a standard part of her packages to get used to being with her and her camera.


Images by Rebecca Wedding Photography

As you can see from all her stunning pictures, all her brides look radiant, not an awkward smile amongst them. Even more importantly, her grooms look relaxed and comfortable too! She’s got such an eye for the little details, and the happy moments. I love her soft lighting, vintage colours and dreamy shots. Her pictures tell a story, they bring out the feel of each wedding, and her pictures ooze love and happiness. Her shots capture the exact feel I’m hoping to create on our wedding day. Does that make sense?

I think what I like most about Rebecca though, is just how excited she is about weddings. Every time I opened an email from her I get even more excited about our wedding, and I can’t wait to see the images she captures from the day.

Jennie x

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