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Jeans Edit (Two)

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Jeans Edit

Have you had people use words to describe you which you hadn't associated with yourself before? I have had a few people use this one word to describe me / compliment me (?) in the same week. It got me thinking how we seldom see ourselves how others do. One common adage which is always floating around is, 'Don't let other's opinion of you matter.' But how about when others have a more encouraging and positive opinion of you? Or when they see you in a more favorable and realistic way? Or when how they see you might actually be good for you life decisions? Should one take other's opinion in consideration then? Just wondering!

In other news, below are the remaining five pair of jeans. Back in Feb, I had mentioned that I have Marie-Kondo'ed my jean collection down to ten and I am going to try by best to keep it that way. Should I feel the need to buy a new pair, then I would have to get rid of one first. The first five were mostly all skinny jeans, well, even here two of the five are skinny. 


Jeans Edit Tanvii.comTee | Jeans


Jeans Edit Tanvii.comTee | Jeans


Jeans Edit Tanvii.comTee | Jeans | Shoes


Jeans Edit Tanvii.comTee | Jeans | Shoes


Jeans Edit Tanvii.comTee | Jeans
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