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Je T'aime, Mode De Faire

By Mdrcasual @meganrutledge

Je t'aime, Mode De Faire

Chanel Caviar Bag
Gucci Loafers
Stuart Weitzman Boots

Only a few short years ago, I found myself reluctantly sitting in my night class and puttering around my computer. As I ransacked gilt group and websites of similar persuasion, i was brought to a halt by a girl who seemed to have been right off the runway. This dear friend, known to me as "tosh.oh" or Natasha politely interjected, "i LOVE your loafers." Soon thereafter our love for gucci and life's luxuries, in addition to similar sense of humor (girlfriend speaks multiple languages and picks up on even the most bizarre foolery that comes out of my mouth). So in essence, our friendship was made in the shade. It didn't take much to realize her seemingly preternatural business savvy and multi-faceted skill set. Soon thereafter, I met Carrie, a fast-talking, Cox school of business (SMU's prestigious business school) grad who would give Gordon Gekko a run for his money--while looking polished from head to toe. At risk of editorializing, these two ladies are beginning the inevitable empire they were both destined for, and I am lucky enough to get a first glimpse at this unique and refreshing online retail source, Mode De Faire. From the few times our schedules can connect, (they are jet-setting and putting their good skills to work with dedication and diligence, while I am stuck here trying to pass french one…) I was able to sit down for a much overdue chat and ask them a few questions. ...In a few sentences, what is Mode De Faire?ModeDeFaire is a luxury e-commerce platform. Mode De Faire allows its users to create a social network of like-minded fashion lovers. These users can then buy, sell, and actually trade their gently used, and un-used luxury apparel goods.How did you get the idea to start Mode De Faire?Well the Carrie (the CEO) has a boyfriend in Paris. On her visits to see him she explores the city alone while he is at work. She frequently came across a famous vintage store called Dider Loudou where everyone from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss has been know to shop at over the years. There was one particular Chanel purse she loved that never seemed to sell over the course of one year, she finally went inside to inquire the price and was surprised to learn it was 2600 Euros! Almost the same price of a new Chanel bag at Layfette(a famous department store in Paris). Carrie knew that someone on the other side of the world would love to buy this bag if they only knew it existed, at perhaps an even higher price. Luxury vintage items are treasures and should be treated as such. Friends, sisters, and neighbors trade, buy and sell clothes with each other all the time, Carrie realized that using the Internet to increase ones trading pool would benefit all fashion lovers that really value these 'treasures'. Who can join Mode De Faire?// How do I join Mode De Faire?The site is free to join, and anyone can make purchases, but in order to sell or trade, a user must be invited, or take a short fashion IQ quiz.In terms of the buyer protection program/ point system-- what kind of benefits does this entail?You get a point for each item you buy, sell, or trade successfully (meaning the transaction needs to be completed). Fashion points give your credibility, which attract more guests (buyers) to your closet.  The more points you have, the more successful you are. Also, points give you the opportunity to get into Mode De Faire exclusive online interviews from industry professionals, and invitations real parties around the world, ALL EXPENSES PAID.    What are you favorite designer pieces/ a bag you can't live without?Chanel caviar bag, this is a necessity, they are timeless chic and scream- sophisticated. Also, Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags are perfect for big cities as traveling, they are my favorite right now. They are great quality, stylish, and if you lose it or it's stolen, you don't have to cry because they are very affordable at less than 300 average per bag. - Carrie What piece of clothing or handbag are you loving this fall or lusting to purchase this season?
Since I Live in St. Petersburg, Russia I can't survive without Stuart Weitzman Snow-white boots this fall. It's so cold and rainy here and these boots have everything to keep me warm and dry. And I look so cute in them. 
Je t'aime, Mode De Faire

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