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Je Suis Charlie - Je Suis Resolu

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
It has been a crap start to 2015 on so many counts, but the shocking spate of killings in France this week by Islamist extremists has been the most horrendous development. The fanatical slaughter of the staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo quite rightly affronted nearly everyone; but the killing hasn't ended there. What is important is how we respond.
In view of recent events in France I've scrapped the blog I had planned for today [theme: Resolution] and replace it with this poem by my friend Adele Robinson.
Je Suis Charlie  - Je Suis Resolu
Fear Itself  A week ago we let in the New Year, a time for addressing our hopes and our fears. Maybe like me you don’t do resolution, a promise to me is no easy solution. A promise to others – that has to be kept, a duty of conscience – an outstanding debt. Well I haven’t been well so I haven’t got started. The cough and the lurgy have still not departed. So all my ideas are held in suspension, cryogenically frozen to be thawed when I’m better. Could be a long wait – did I hear you utter?
I was settling to notebook on Wednesday, propped up on cushions, my pen filled with ink. I switched on the TV for inspiration and there was Hollande, addressing his nation. His words in the face of a cowardly attack ignited French hearts with the fire to fight back, with passion for freedom, patriotism free from oppression, and power that derives only from freedom of expression.
Rights hard-won through revolution, knock one of them down and a million will stand for the French Constitution. They have no fear of insurgent suppression, offend the French way – they send in the Legion. So what if some people have no sense of humour? They laugh at their own - so why not at others?
And what of our British way of life? Will we stand and be counted or run? Will we speak for the speechless? Will we welcome the friendless? Will we hold out a hand in a gesture of kindness? Or will we turn our backs, alienating the mindless?
We’re enabled free thinkers, we are Lancashire Dead Good Poets, we welcome all voices and we want everyone to know it.
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