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By Tryitonme @tryitonme
Sweater {similar} / Pants /  Necklace {similar}
J.Crew is absolutely killing it this season. Typically I'm drawn to their vibrant and sparkly pieces, but I scored these great neutral pants and sweater on CLEARANCE, and I just couldn't resist! I'm not one for being head-to-toe in one brand, but recently I've been something of a walking J.Crew mannequin.
Usually when I walk Frankie I'm stopped at least once to answer various dog related questions; "Aww, what's his name?" "Is that a beagle?" "Is that a Burger King bag in his mouth?" Sadly for Frankie, nobody stopped to ask about him on this walk, only questions about my neck o' bling and where to buy my crocheted sweater. Go J.Crewing yourself and save 25% and nab free shipping using promo code STAYWARM!
J.CrewingJ.CrewingI just couldn't resist a glamour shot of Frankie.

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