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Jay Z is Hip Hop

Posted on the 05 August 2011 by Rosedon19 @rose2_rose

Jay Z is Hip Hop

Jay Z is the most influential artist hip-hop has ever seen. Indeed one of the most controversial artist in the industry. Coming from the streets of Macy projects the artist we know today started out as a hustle with a poetic way with words. Jay Z had a very humble start into the music industry where he was not even considered an artist that record labels would even sign. These labels believed that the story he had to tell was a story that wasn’t worth telling. October 2009, he graced the cover of XXL Magazine with the caption is Jay Z bigger than Hip Hop? Many fans, and critics would say he is indeed. His influence is not just through music but also, in fashion, and business. You can now see many of the top artist like Kanye West, and Lil Wayne crediting Jay Z for his musical influence.

Before Jay Z and the creation of Roc-a-fella Records artist were just thinking of climbing the ladder of success, Jay Z had another idea in mind, why not own the ladder? You now see more artist creating their own record companies, and publishing companies keeping a much larger slice of the pie. As far as fashion goes, before Jay Z mention platinum chains, no one wore them in the hip hop community, before the drinks Cristal, and Ace of Spade hip hop artist were drinking Hennessy. He defined success for hip hop by showing the Bentley’s and Maybach’s in his music videos. There was a time when wearing a teams jersey was the thing to do, then he switched his style to button up shirt, everyone flocked to that movement. Then he went on to create his own clothing line, S. Carter shoe, became part owner of a basketball team, created his own fragrance, and became part owner of a chain of night clubs. Is Jay Z bigger than hip hop? I would say yes…

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