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Jaxon Riley- 18 Months Fun Facts

By Megthamama
Earlier in the month, this cool kid became a 1 and a half year old. 
Jaxon Riley- 18 Months Fun Facts

The minute that happened, er'body started asking when we will have another baby. 


Listen real close. 

I'm scared to have another baby. 

I can't commit. 

I LOVE LOVE this age with Jax because he is SO funny and is able to do so much on his own. However, that means that I'm running after him like a crazy mama. I can't run after him while holding a newborn. 

Because I use my blog pretty much as his baby book, here are the fun facts that I want to remember: 

-weighs 25 lbs. 

-wears size 5 diapers

- he is becoming a picky eater now. He loves butter noodles, but no mac-n-cheese. (he clearly didn't get this from me)

- he wants to pick out his own fork or spoon with.every.single.meal. 

- he has taken to blankets now. They are his "night-nights" and the struggle is REAL with him. We had to take a "night night" to Sunday School.

- He can identify his: nose, mouth, eyes and ears. He also likes to identify these features on Oscar, which Oscar HATES. 

- Sweet Jax is OBSESSED with a "nack".....which is his word for a snack. And, he wants it in "a bowl." After you place said "nack" in said bowl, he wants to carry it. As he is walking, he stops and then starts shaking his finger at Oscar and says "no no dog dog. no no."

It is the cutest thing EVER! Poor Oscar. He hates life now.  He actually enjoys being boarded now. 

- We have a nighttime routine that involves bath, books and then a "moo bee." Some nights, Jax will walk himself to his room and go straight to bed. Other nights, he's afraid he is going to miss out on a party. So, to trick the 1.5 year old, when it's his bedtime (7:30 pm) and he is resisting sleep, we may turn off the tv and all of the lights in the house and tell him that er'body is going to bed and that he will not miss anything. After he falls asleep, the lights go back on on the party starts. And when I say "party" I mean, a glass of wine, some crackers and cheese, netflix or laundry, or monogramming or wrapping Christmas presents or unloading the dishwasher. 

We sure do know how to party hard.

- Jax is starting to really love his "frands" and he calls them by name. When I say "name" I mean, the name he can say. 

Lilly is more like Liby. 
Malone is more like Ma Mone. 
Molly is more like mama. 

- He doesn't seem to be afraid of Santa. We didn't push Santa on him, however, we welcomed Santa into our home and Santa brought gifts. It melted this mama's heart!! The sweet kid can tell you what Santa says...... "Ho Ho Ho"! 

Jaxon Riley- 18 Months Fun Facts

Jaxon Riley- 18 Months Fun Facts
- My heart is so full that at times, I literally cry thinking about my cool kid and the love I have for him. I'm beyond grateful that I'm a SAHM and this is my kid. While traveling to Dallas, H asked me when I would be ready to "go back to work"......that was my cue to lay in the backseat and nap for 2 hours. I had no words to answer him. After my nap, I told him I "slept on the question" and answer is when Jax starts kindergarten. I don't want to rush anything. While my child is sleeping to 7:30 and 8 am, I dare not want a 5:30 am wake up call! That's also another reason I can't commit to another child. 

-He LOVES school and seeing his "Mammy" (aka Tammy). However, the church nursery is a different story. I have to wait in the hall until he catches his breath from crying. It's BAD. Like REAL BAD. Like, so bad, we left church one time because he wouldn't stop crying. 

- I can't believe that I've been a mama for 18 months. I feel like a veteran mom now. I know what sippy cups to buy, what clothing brands "run big or small," what restaurants are kid friendly and what the best Disney movies are (Pocahontas, I'm looking at you! The raccoon and bird are so funny). 

Jaxon Riley- I know I'm biased, but you are the best.  You are a sponge that repeats everything. I melt when you hold my hand. If you hold my hand, I will pretty much buy you whatever you want in that moment. However, when you pick your dad over are on your own! Just kidding. Sorta. 

Your dad is the BIGGEST push over I have ever seen. I always thought he would be the stern parent, but, he proves me wrong every day. He has the biggest soft spot for you. I wanted to buy you 3 presents for Christmas. Your dad wanted to empty our checking account and buy you 398 presents. We compromised on 4. Your dad also wanted to buy you a jungle gym. I vetoed that purchase until you are 5. He wanted to compromise with a pony, but I said no to that too. Instead, you are getting a dump truck. It's a tad bit safer than a pony and jungle gym. 

Here's to hoping the next 18 months are just as fun as these first 18! 

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