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Japonesque Liquid Light Collection

Posted on the 29 July 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Japonesque Liquid Light Collection

Japonesque just launched a new collection at Ulta and I’ve been trying out the products for a couple of weeks to let all of you career girls know what to expect from their new line!

Japonesque Collection

First up, Liquid Light

Product description: The Liquid Light is a highlighting hero that dresses skin in an illuminating veil of radiance.  This innovative light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion’s natural glow – creating a beautiful shimmering incandescence that ‘lights skin from within.’

My experience: I used the 02 shade and felt that it was more appropriate for areas you want to have extra color, such as an undertone to blush, so I’ve been using it on my cheeks and a little bit on the bridge of my nose. Overall, I’d say this product is very effective and would be a great addition to your makeup routine if you are looking for a subtle glimmer or an extra pop of color.

Radiance Primer


Product Description: Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, the Radiance Primer is the ultimate remedy for a complexion that radiates beauty and light.  Its weightless and silky texture glides onto the skin and offers a pearlescent optical imperfection blurring effect.

My experience: This was my favorite Japonesque product to use right off the bat. It indeed adds radiance, but is also smooth and silky. I tried using it as my daily primer underneath a BB cream or just as a base with bronzer, but it can feel a bit heavy in combination with a BB cream. This primer also does not contain SPF so if you’re going the primer + bronzer only route, you need to lather up with a lotion that contains SPF first.

Velvet Touch Primer


Product Description: The Velvet Touch Primer is an exquisite weightless gel that primes the skin with a veil of velvety perfection.  It glides over skin to create an invisible skin canvas to smooth and mattify the complexion, while creating the illusion of flawless looking skin and dramatically improving makeup hold.

My experience: I have the same no-SPF gripe with this primer as I do with the Radiance Primer. However, if you aren’t into shimmer, this would be a better option, but the texture of the actual product felt more gel-like, compared to the Radiance’s lotion-like texture. After my initial trial, I have been wearing this primer more often because I like the way it feels on my skin more than the Radiance for a day to day look. To me, this primer felt more weightless throughout the day compared to Radiance.

Pro Makeup Artist Wipes


Product Description: These pro artist makeup wipes are the preferred makeup remover choice of renowned makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike.  The soft cloths instantly dissolve and gently remove makeup, dirt and grime, while hydrating the skin with Vitamin E.  Each individually wrapped wipe is incredibly refreshing, alcohol-free and environmentally friendly.

My experience: I thought these wipes were impressive with their ability to remove about 90% of my incredibly resilient mascara, compared to the 75-80% performance of my usual makeup remover. The wipes are conveniently packaged individually, so they are easy for travel and home use, but with a price point that is about 2x what I would normally pay, I think I would opt for scrubbing a little bit extra each night rather than splurging on these wipes. Then again, they would be great and easy for travel, so perhaps I’d use them sparingly.

Japonesque products

Japonesque products are available at Ulta and now. If you have a favorite Japonesque product, let us know in the comments section!

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