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Japan’s Impact On Our Awareness Of Mortal Existence

By Soulthriller

Japan’s Impact On Our Awareness Of Mortal Existence

By now, you have all heard about the situation in Japan that is still enfolding even as I write this. The earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear meltdowns have collectively created a situation that many people have become intimately involved with, either by experiencing the catastrophes personally and directly, or by becoming aware of the devastating situation unfolding there. Although affected in different degrees, we have all been impacted by the recent events in Japan through our connection to each other through the human consciousness matrix that we find ourselves a part of. Oneness is an ancient truth that is becoming more evident as each day passes.

This article won’t go into that, rather the focus is on how we often taken for granted the mortality of physical life. Without the feeling of being connected to each other, we cannot put ourselves in another’s shoes and try to experience what another person is going through, such as someone in Japan who is one minute walking down the street talking and laughing with a friend and the next moment becoming aware of a deep rushing sound and rumbling sensation that they instinctively realize is something terrible, prompting them to go into survival mode and run frantically away from…even if their attempt is a lost cause.

The situation in Japan (the earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, and tsunami) is extremely serious and significant enough that it would negatively affect even those of us here in America (as if there is a full meltdown, the nuclear core can melt through the containment vessel and melt down through the ground until it hits the water table, causing a disaster that will affect much more than just Japan). When a “worst-case scenario” such as this happens (and there is a strong possibility that such a situation or similar one will happen in our lifetimes) we will have to put everything in our lives on pause immediately in order to simply survive. All our plans for the future will either not be possible, become greatly modified, or have to be put off for an undetermined period of time. The situation in Japan can be used as an opportunity for us to stop the motions of our daily lives for a few moments and contemplate how unpredictably our life path, mission, and goals will be changed out of necessity to survive another day. These are not enjoyable things to think about, but given all that is happening in the world these days, it is something that deserves the time of day to think about.

The world may throw some very difficult curveballs at us, and indeed tens of thousands of people in Japan had recently received just that. Let’s say you had all the life plans you do now, and you envision a certain kind of life or state of mind or moment in your life, but you’re living in Japan…now all of that has to be set aside, for you are battling for your very survival. Thousands of people faced a dire situation when they thought about their entire lives before losing them because of the earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear fallout that’s occurred in the last few days. All of us who live far away from Japan cannot truly feel connected to what is happening there because we are not experiencing it through the lens of our personal positions of awareness. However, we can create a reality within our minds where we are within the crisis zone of Japan’s catastrophe and try to feel what it would be like to be going through what many are experiencing there at this very moment. It is catastrophes such as this that are truly the tests of our spiritual and self-growth. Will we resort to our primal nature and let the ego take over or will we unite and work through this together? The choice will be ours to make, and hopefully it will be the latter.

In order to help ensure that you make the positive and growth-encouraging choice, try putting your awareness into the awareness of others who are facing life and death situations like in Japan, because it will make you feel more connected to humanity and the troubles it faces. Those of us far away from apocalyptic-like situations like in Japan feel quite disconnected because we are not experiencing what they are experiencing. Human beings, that could have been you and I if we had lived out our lives there rather than where we live, will have had their lives end, at the unfulfilled lives that many people have, which may be so young that we have not even experienced the basic joys of life such as falling in love, sexual intimacy, birth of a child, and many others.

It is calamities such as those happening in Japan that remind us of our mortality that help us remember that “it could have been me”. Hopefully, we will be able to take away something positive from such a negative situation within our reality. Hopefully we can realize that the only moment in existence is the present one. We should not wait for the tomorrow that may never come. Hopefully we will collectively transform our perceptions so that they include a fully-realized understanding that we cannot be certain of how long our mortal existence within our frail human bodies will be. Instead of putting things off into the unknown future, manifest it within the existing present. Many of those in Japan never had a chance to do so, and may have had their lives end unsuspectingly, with great sadness that they never experienced or achieved the things which they envisioned they would all their lives. Let us become free through the awareness that now is the only moment that will ever be, so we have to make the most of it while it lasts.

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