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January Weddings - A Fresh Beginning

By Nclark
I'm excited to start this new series, dedicated strictly to helping you plan the perfect wedding for the season!  Each month I will give some tips and suggestions one how to have the picture perfect flowers with just the right theme. When it comes to planning for the big day - I recommend selecting a theme and building from there.
In Roman mythology, January comes from Janus - the god of the doorway.  With this being the first month of the year, January is seen as the door to the year.  I see this month as being a start to fresh beginnings - which is a wonderful theme for January weddings! 
For most of us, January is an extremely cold and gray month.  Traditionally, winter weddings have been associated with red and white flowers; roses, calla lilies, orchids or ranoculous.  I think we are all still in the holiday spirit in January and automically want to decorate in deep red's and winter white's.  Let's start a new tradition!  Let's embrace the cold gray skies and have a fresh beginning with a winter fantasy wedding! Aside from the bitter cold temperatures, Mother Nature has created a breathtaking landscape during the winter months. 
What I am envisioning for a winter fantasy wedding is elegant gray and white, accented with pink and purple. The pink and purple represent my interpretation of the winter sky at sunset. I created a bouqet using white roses, pink hydrangea and small purple flowers.  When set against the perfect gray dress, this selection of flowers is also an excellent choice for your bridesmaids!  By embracing the season and utilizing non-traditional colors, you can create a one of a kind wedding fit for a princess!
January Weddings - A Fresh BeginningJanuary Weddings - A Fresh BeginningJanuary Weddings - A Fresh Beginning

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