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January 23rd - Featuring Handwriting Freebies!

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Old Handwriting, by Petra Österreich on Pixabay
January 23rd is... National Handwriting Day, John Hancock's Birthday (1737), National Pie Day, National Measure Your Feet Day, Cold Cold Cold Day, Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Days, National Rhubarb Pie Day, Find Your Roots Day, National Archery Association Founded (1879), AFRMA Fancy Rat and Mouse Day (1983), Lichtenstein Foundation Day, Better Business Communication Day, International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day, World Freedom Day (Taiwan), Bounty Day (Pitcairn Island), Paul Pitcher Day (UK)
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PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, paper crafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.
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Image: Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!, by Vimala Rodgers (Author). Publisher: Touchstone; Original ed. edition (March 1, 2000)National Handwriting Day
-- The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association started this holiday in 1977 to acknowledge the history and influence of penmanship. Its reason for being grows more urgent each year as pens, pencils and paper lose ground to the QWERTY keyboard. When the hand-written letter, note or document is fast becoming a thing of the past, the art of elegant (or even legible) handwriting may well be under threat. National Handwriting Day encourages you put pen to paper, and to practice your handwriting.
Read: Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!
-- When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes which can improve our relationships, give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us. This is because our handwriting is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings. When we fall in love, survive a serious illness, or change careers, our view of life is dramatically altered and, as a result, our handwriting patterns change. Included is an enlightening assessment test identifing those personality traits requiring attention. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life profoundly reveals the key to making dreams come true is as simple as putting pen to paper.
Image: Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks), by Platt Rogers Spencer (Author). Publisher: Mott Media; Package edition (February 1, 1985)• Spencerian Penmanship -- In the mid-1800s, the Spencerian form of penmanship became a standard. An elegant handwriting was much prized. Today, in our computer age, a fine, beautiful, and legible handwriting brings a warm personal touch to our correspondence. These books, five copybooks and a theory book, may be used to introduce cursive writing to second or third graders or to improve the handwriting of older students or adults.
• Pen Grips for Adults and Kids -- This pencil grip writing aid is great for children who are learning to write. To guide the child's grip by immobilizing fingers on the designated proper position. But these pencil grips handwriting are not just for children. It can also relieve writing pain and discomfort for adults while ensuring a comfortable writing. Works for Righties and Lefties, Special Needs, and Arthritis.
• Handwriting Coloring and Activity Books

January 23rd -  Featuring Handwriting Freebies!

Cursive Handwriting Practice

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Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
How to Celebrate National Handwriting Day
8 Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day
What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?
• Personal Handwriting Worksheet Maker
• ]Better handwriting for adults - National Adult Literacy Agency
• 10 Free Handwriting Worksheets
A SIMPLE Handwriting Trick {FREE Printable}
D'Nealian Manuscript Handwriting Worksheets
• Free Handwriting Tips and Tricks Printables
• Handwriting Analysis Quick Reference Guide for Beginners
Make a Handwriting Analysis! | Activity |
• Printable Calligraphy Paper
• Handmade Envelopes | The Postman's Knock
Calligraphy Vertical Capital Letters coloring page

National Pie Day
- Pies were first eaten in the 1300s as savory meals. The American Pie Celebration began in 1986 to commemorate Crisco's 75th anniversary of serving foods to families everywhere. A special day set aside to bake and cook all of your favorite pies. On this day, you are also encouraged to bake a few new pie recipes. And most importantly, it's a day to eat pies!
John Hancock's Birthday (1737)
- The signature of John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence is the most flamboyant and easily recognizable of all. It is perhaps no surprise the story of his part in the revolution is equally engaging. Few figures were more well known or more popular than John Hancock, born January 23, 1737.
National Handwriting Day
- An opportunity to reintroduce yourself to a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. In this day of computers, more and more information, notes, and letters are sent back and forth via a keyboard and cyberspace. Check out a book on handwriting from the library and have fun with friends analyzing each other's handwriting. Hand-write a letter to someone you love who lives far away and sign it with a big signature.
National Measure Your Feet Day
- A day to measure your feet. Why? I have no idea! Celebrate today by measuring your feet. Both of them. Measure the length. Then measure the width. For a little fun, see if you can measure someone else's feet.
Cold Cold Cold Day
- The coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States was at Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska, in 1971: -79.8 Degrees F
Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Days
- It is wintertime and time for snowplow drivers everywhere to see how many rural mailboxes they can knock over. Twenty extra points for boosting one into the next township!
National Rhubarb Pie Day
- The unofficial food holiday is shared with the day of celebration for National Pie Day. Rhubarb pie is made only from the stalks of the rhubarb plant as the leaves are poisonous. Records of the presence of rhubarb in America indicate the cold weather plant was first grown in Maine between 1790 and 1800. By 1822, rhubarb was sold in produce markets. Rhubarb was first seen in a recipe in an 1806 textbook, along with instructions to make a tart.
Find Your Roots Day
- Thanks to the growth of the Internet, tracing the roots of your family tree has never been easier. Genealogy, the study of family descendants, is the third most popular hobby in the United States. More and more resources for genealogists are appearing on-line every day, and a wide range of computer software exists to help you keep track of your research.
National Archery Association Founded (1879)
- Archery may be defined as the skill of using a bow and arrow for hunting, warfare, or sport. Some historians have claimed archery, whether as art or sport, has been practiced for more than two hundred and fifty centuries. In North America, archery caught on as a sport in the seventeenth century. The National Archery Association of the United States was founded in 1879.
Afrma Fancy Rat and Mouse Day (1983)
- Rats and mice are emerging as ideal pets: they provide all the pleasure and satisfaction of a warm, cuddly, intelligent and friendly pet companion. The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA) was founded in 1983 to promote the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice, to educate the public on their positive qualities as companion animals and to provide information on their proper care.

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