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January 14th Read the Bible In A Year Challenge: Wisdom Keys

By Themilkaint4free @prospermuch
PictureThank You Lord for our daily bread! BIBLE READING:
Genesis 30:1-31:16, Matthew 10:1-23,
Psalm 12:1-8, and Proverbs 3:13-15
God's word is alive and full of the nutrients and vitamins that we need to grow and mature spiritually.  Here are just a few wisdom keys from today's reading that we can apply to our every day lives.
Picture WISDOM KEY #1
You need to know when its time to go.  Jacob had done all he could to help his father-in-law, and it still wasn't enough.  Because of Jacob's favor, his father-in-law Laban had grew in blessings.  However, in the end, instead of appreciating Jacob, Laban and his sons hated him the more.  Wow, that doesn't make sense to any healthy minded individual.  However, the very person you helped can turn around and be jealous of you and even hate you.  You have to be prepared when the assignment is up, its time to go and don't prolong your stay.  Sure enough, Jacob got himself and his family away from Laban and moved forward into the promised land and place of assignment by God Almighty himself.
PictureThe Lord is our strong tower! WISDOM KEY #2
God will not allow the haters to get the best of you.  You win in Christ Jesus!
In spite of the trickery and wrong doing by Laban towards Jacob, God always protected Jacob and made sure he was prosperous.  Jacob declared himself in Genesis 31:6 .....'But God has not allowed him to do me any harm.'  Saints of God, in the midst of your enemies and trials, you can count on God shielding and protecting you.  He will make your enemies your footstool.  So prompt up that blessed feet of yours and rest in the Lord!
                                          Receive God's Best & Never Settle For Less!

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