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Jamie Foxx as Electro From “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″

Posted on the 16 April 2013 by 2cool4blog @2cool4blog


We’ve heard multiple times in the past from Jamie Foxx that his costume will lack the flair of the comic book iteration in favor of realistic realism of the real kind. While I would have admired him for donning the Jamaican national colors and a Carl’s Junior logo on his face (for endorsement purposes because bad guys gotta eat, too), I think I would have been in the minority for that. It’s a tough market out there for people who want things that are so amazingly lame that it’s awesome.

Meanwhile, the ongoing photo leaking competition between all the super hero movie franchises are still…ongoing, and the creative minds behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have released pictures of Electro.

So behold…an albino urban youth with skin problems.


I’m assuming this is before he gets a costume or whatever, but those tracking dots around the hoodie makes me believe that they’ll add in electricity and voltage special effects later. Which will make him even more inconspicuous than Waldo in a candy cane shop…


Here is Electro waiting for the signal to change so he can cross the street.


Here is Electro jogging to stay in shape. Not that he needs it, am I right ladies?


And here it looks like…Electro’s…appendix burst? Or he’s hungry…or he needs to use the restroom. I’m not too familiar with the anatomy of super villains.

But there you go. There are plenty of other photos of him on the street, but they’re all basically the same in different action shots. I hope you enjoyed them!

Written by Daniel Lee



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